Rules of Play 2019

1.      The format – Triple Knockout with an 8-team championship round.

2.      Games will be played under the current rules of the Canadian Curling Association. All brush heads and equipment must be in compliance with Part One of the Guidelines set forth in Curling Canada’s Sweeping Moratorium on Brush Head Technology In effect September 12, 2016 – April 30, 2018.

3.      All games, including finals, will be eight ends.

4.      Ties will be broken by an extra end or ends, played toward the main viewing area.

5.      Pre-game Practice and Draw for Hammer

 a.       Where a coin toss is necessary before the start of a game, it shall take place not later than15 minutes before the posted start time of the game shown on the Master Draw.

b.       Before each team’s first game, teams will be allowed a 5 minute practice. The winner of the coin toss will have the choice of rock colour or 1st or 2nd practice, a draw to the button will determine hammer. The team must clearly announce to its opposition that the next rock thrown will be its draw to the button for hammer.

c.       For all other games in the qualifying round a three rock practice format will be used. Each team will be permitted two practice rocks. To save time, teams will alternate shots in practice. The team’s third rock will be measured to determine hammer. To ensure that both sides of the sheet are used, the winner of the coin toss will have choice of (a) rock colour and first draw for hammer or (b) side of sheet for practice and second draw for hammer.

d.       In the championship round each team will be allowed a 5 minute practice. For each game, the team with the better won-loss record in the qualifying round will have choice of hammer or rock colour. The team with hammer will practice first. Teams with identical records in the qualifying round shall use the procedure set out in 5.b.

e.       For all games where a draw to the button is used to determine hammer, the draw shall be conducted by the teams without assistance from the officials. The rock shall be measured by and recorded by the shooting team. The opposition shall have the right to observe the measure. The team whose rock is closest to the pin shall have hammer. If both teams’ rocks cover the pin, come to rest outside the house or are in the house and are the same measured distance from the pin, a coin toss will determine hammer.

6.      In the Championship round semi-final, teams playing on sheet 2 may choose any combination of the same colour of stones from sheets 1 and 2. Teams playing on sheet 4 may choose any combination of the same colour of stones from sheets 4 and 5. Teams playing in the Championship game on sheet 3 shall have the option of choosing any combination of the same colour of stones from any sheet.

7.      In the case of a dispute that cannot be resolved on the ice between teams, an umpire will be available to make a ruling.

Use of Spares 2019

1.       Any player registered with a team in this event may NOT spare for any other team at any time.

2.         Anyone not registered with a team for this event may:

a.       In the qualifying round, spare as many times as they wish for any number of teams.

b.       In the Championship Round spare ONLY for ONE team (as many times as they wish)

3.       A team must play with at least 2 players registered with the team at all times.